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The NMAA can respond to requests in the following program areas. In the form below, please select the type of assistance you are requesting.

ACEQUIA GOVERNANCE: The purpose of the Acequia Governance Program is to support acequias with the governance, management, and operations of their acequias. Our acequia governance team can provide consultations on a range of topics that are listed below including bylaws, water management, infrastructure, and other governance matters.

FARMER/RANCHER OUTREACH: The purpose of this project is to provide assistance to farmer and ranchers with participation in USDA programs. The NMAA team can advise on programs that can benefit acequias or individual landowners with irrigation efficiency, healthy soils, and other conservation practices.

PRESENTATIONS FOR COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS OR YOUTH: NMAA has an outreach and education team that can provide presentations to schools and youth groups, and to diverse community organizations. Members of the NMAA team can also participate as presenters as part of meetings, workshops, conferences, etc. for the general public or stakeholders.

Please complete this Request for Assistance form (RFA) and we can evaluate our ability to assist you.

We aim to respond within two weeks, but please understand that response time depends on staff availability and the complexity of your request. NMAA generally provides these services free of charge depending on the availability of resources.

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If you are contacting us about ACEQUIA GOVERNANCE - please indicate the status of your bylaws below. If we do not have a copy of your bylaws, please email them to - dabifgarcia@lasacequias.org - after completing this form.

Thank you for protecting acequia waters. If you have anything else to share, please provide it here. The NMAA Team will be in contact with you on next steps.